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voilĂ .id Bukit Darmo Golf, Surabaya
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Bukit Darmo Golf Boulevard Office Park 1 No. 8-10, Surabaya
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voilĂ .id boutique, Surabaya, Bukit Darmo Golf

The first voilĂ .id boutique has just done its face lift! Located in West Surabaya within the new up and coming area, our purpose is to become the only one stop destination for all in Surabaya. Filled with huge range of modern to classic collection from head to toe for men and women.

Classic collections.

Identity is Our Uniqueness

Our boutique has grown with time, that's when we decided to expand and offer more convenient space for our customers. Nevertheless, we are not leaving our identity behind, as shown on our facade and every little ornaments, it must have a splash of green and a bent of V.

Lighter color mood and the smoothness of fiber from the marble that we used, represent more of the femininity from women's universe on our boutique's first floor.

Section 2
Section 2
Our Store Our Store
Light color mood and woman’s universe

Different Level, Different Excitement

On the second floor, you will enter another universe that is the complete opposite from first floor. With a darker color palette and steel-like finishing furniture, our purpose is to emphasize and celebrate men's masculinity. Streetwear, preppy look, formal and even puffer, name all the look that the world have, you can find them here.

Shopping Always This Fun
Shopping Always This Fun
Shopping Always This Fun
Shopping Always This Fun

Dedicated Confidants

On your quest to explore both universes and find the product that aligns perfectly with your desire, we will be your trusted companions. Our team of experts will be available to be your confidant all the way through your journey to ensure your shopping experience surpasses expectations, offering unrivaled guidance and insights.

Our Store
voilà’s team of experts are available at all times.

Splendor Corners to Explore

Experience luxury at voilĂ lux - where we presents an exclusive collection for discerning connoisseurs. Indulge in opulence with handpicked, coveted luxuries that match your refined taste.

Our Store Our Store
Splendor Corners to Explore 2

Far way end, we dedicated this corner to our watch enthusiast. You may splurge their interest in a more intimate and warm space. Yes, it is a bit secluded. We understand that sometimes you just need to be secretive to be well known.

Splendor Corners to Explore 2
Our Store Our Store

Meet Your Wishlist in Person

In the boutique, every shelf and display is carefully curated to showcase the exquisiteness of every fashion piece. Be it discovering the latest collection of the season or finally seeing a long-awaited dream collection, you’d be sure to feel the connection to the craftsmanship and the stories they told.

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Ratna AnggraeniRatna Anggraeni
09:51 19 Feb 24
Always love shopping here, friendly service
hani indrayatihani indrayati
10:41 18 Feb 24
The service is satisfactory, especially for guests, will definitely shop here again
endah tripuspitasariendah tripuspitasari
02:38 16 Feb 24
Trusted! 100% original, i love shopping in here 😊
Sabrina SabrinaSabrina Sabrina
07:22 09 Feb 24
The service and response was very fast, especially Adel who was very quick to help me. I have received the item in good condition and I really love it.
Veronica ChristianiVeronica Christiani
11:35 10 Jan 24
I just went to exchange stuff due to too big and not fit.The service was superb, the team (kak Aida) was very friendly and patient to help including kak the online team (kak Atika) was very helpful also. my fave shop to buy branded items :)

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