Founded in 2018, Kaya Leathers is a company that provides cleaning and care services for all canvas and leather goods.

What’s Special from voilà x Kaya Leathers

All in One Treatment

Get all the services that you need to take care of your luxury goods, all in. From cleaning, recolor, minor repair, coating, up until finishing.

Handled by Experienced Professionals

Entrust your luxury collection in the care of experts who specialized in the field for more than 20+ years.

Leathers Experts

Our team of leather experts will provide the out-most care for your leather goods to ensure they receive the treatment they deserve.

Special Deals

Within this special collaboration, you could get limited special deals with us.

Our Services


Our expert team will safely and effectively clean, preserving their quality and beauty.


Any stain or scratch? Get the seamless service for the new look from our skilled artisans.


Our skilled craftsmen use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure seamless repairs.


Hermès Specialist

We trained to work specifically with Hermes materials, ensuring the highest quality of service.


Bored with the item’s color? Recolor it with us using high-quality dyes to enhance its durability and longevity.

Leather Replacement

Carefully remove the damaged leather and replace it, ensuring seamless integration.

Bag Restoration

Clean, retouch, and repair every aspect of the bag with all-in-one treatment to get them as new.

Shoe Restoration

Affordable packages for cleaning, retouching and recoloring (if necessary) for your bag/shoes.

Want to repair your leather collections?

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3. Payment
4. Return the item
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500+ satisfied customers
Those who trust us

"I almost threw away my heavily damaged, moldy Oran sandals, but decided to try getting them repaired at Kaya Leathers. To my surprise, they managed to clean them up, although they didn't look completely brand new, I was ultimately satisfied with the result."

Chelsea Olivia


"Thank you Kaya Leathers for doing your magic and making my Lady Dior wearable again! Black color even suits it better and make it looks more luxurious!"

Enrica Valencia


"Even the boning of the bags return to the real shape, not just skin of the bag! Thank you Kaya Leathers!"

Theresa Wienathan


"OMG, My Alma, long time no see! After a month of looking for the right color! It looks brand new. They even clean the zipper! So detailed"

Tere Lie


Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Can you recolor patent leathers items?

  • Will the leather texture change after recolor?

  • How long is the warranty provided by Kaya Leathers after the item is collected?

  • How long does the process take at Kaya Leathers?

  • Why does the process take long?

  • Do you offer a fast/express service?

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Office Park, Bukit Darmo Golf Boulevard No.17, Surabaya

Mon - Sat (09:00 WIB - 17:00 WIB)

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Jl. Arteri Pd. Indah No. 18G, Jakarta Selatan

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voilà.id Pantai Indah Kapuk

Rukan The Beach, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk No.061, Jakarta Utara

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